specialdiet.jpgIf your student is allergic to certain foods, food ingredients, has a food intolerance or other reason for special meal accomodations, certain forms must be completed and on file at his/her school before any adjustments to the regularly planned menu are made

The forms must be completed by the child's physcian or other licensed medical authority and returned to school. 

Even if your student has been with the district for many years, annual updates are required.  If your student's needs change more frequently, the form(s) may be updated by the physician/medical authority and submitted to your child's school at any time during the school year. 

Changes to the special diet plan can only be made with a signed form from the child's physician/medical authority.  Links to the approved forms are provided below. 

You may need only one or all three forms, depending on your student's medical need.  We recommend you take all 3 forms to each office visit, so if any changes are made, you have the necessary paper work to be completed with you when seeing the doctor. 

Special Dietary Needs Form:  Must be on file for all menu adjustments/accomodations. 

Epinephrine Auto-injector Authorization Form:  Must be on file at the school if the child requires an epi-pen in case of an accidental exposure to a food that is life-threatening.

Permission for Prescribed Medication Form:  Must be on file if an over-the-counter or prescription medication is required to be administered at school in case of an accidental exposure to an allergin.